Why you need to soak oats & other grains

Overnight Oats are a convenient, nutritious & tasty breakfast option. Soaking oats overnight (or any grain) before eating them is also a very important health step.

Why You Need To Prepare Oats Properly (Source Article Here)

“Traditionally porridge was made preparing the oats the night before and allowing them to soak overnight. What this does is breaks down the oats so they are more digestible, encourages beneficial enzymes to come to life and  removes the phytic acid which inhibits absorption of other minerals, enabling you to easily digest your oats.

Phytic acid is in a lot of foods and too much of it can cause irritation and cause us to lack certain minerals. This is not because we aren’t consuming these nutrients, but because of the foods we are consuming with phytic acid which can inhibit absorption. So the key is to insure foods containing this acid are prepared properly to avoid this happening.

Phytic acid is in the outer layer of all grains. If left, phytic acid combines with calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron in the intestines and inhibits their absorption. This is why you need to be careful if you are consuming a diet that is high in grains.

What needs to be done to grains is properly prepare them. This means soaking them to allow enzymes to help breakdown and neutralize the phytic acid. We use an acid to do this, this can be in the form of whey, kefir or yogurt or if you can’t handle dairy then lemon or apple cider vinegar will do the same thing.

By soaking your oats you neutralize the phytic acid which inhibits certain enzymes, this soaking allows the beneficial enzymes to work and increases the amount of vitamins and minerals present that your body will absorb.”

How to soak/prepare your oats:

I combine half a cup of raw rolled oats with 1 cup of milk (or half a cup milk and half a cup water) and store in a glass jar or tupperware in the fridge overnight.

Then I either eat the oats as is with some fruit or blend it up in a smoothie (My recipe for Strawberry, Chia Seeds & Almond Flakes Overnight Oats)

I hope you give overnight oats a try 🙂




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